Classic Range

Paus are one of the most basic staples in Chinese cuisine; an oriental kind of food with a feeling of contentment and familiarity. They can be stuffed with various types of traditional fillings such as pork, chicken, lotus seed, red bean, and vegetable. Kong Guan’s products are produced daily with high-quality ingredients to ensure freshness. The tastiness of the filling blends beautifully with the softness of the dough that makes your last bite worthwhile.

Gourmet Range

Nothing beats the simple pleasures in life, like a premium steamed pau available in the comfort of your own home. At Kong Guan, we take great pride in making pau with special combination of unique ingredients, original yet modern approach in response to popularity and increasing demand. These include dessert pau, exotic pau, and even healthy choice pau. These invigorating taste sensations will bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Healthy Range

Nutrition and essence of good health are part of our priorities. This product range aims to nurture with orientation towards less fat and sugar.

Simple and delicious, full of nutrition, which is a great choice for breakfast or anytime of the day.

Festive Range

Our Festive Range can be used for religious events and birthday celebrations as well. These festive products can be offered for prayer to gods and gifts for auspicious ceremonies. In traditional ceremonies, longevity buns are essential offerings by many people for good health and well wishes. We also have large-scale of longevity buns for special occasions.

Products are only available through pre-order. You’re welcome to inquire.

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